CREATIVHOUSE is on a mission to provide ECONOMIC EMPOWERMENT, ACCESS TO services, and resources to help OPPORTUNITY youth and young adults 16-24 yrs (old who are not working or not currently enrolled in school)
reach their full potential, attain a greater quality of life & reduce recidivism.

Currently, there are more than 5 Million 16-24-year-old opportunity youth who are currently not enrolled in school, who do not have access to gainful employment, and who are more likely to come in contact with the law.

This presents an opportunity to tap into the huge untapped potential of talent.  



Explore the possibility of a creativ approach to re-designing your life in a way that fosters innovation, inspires collaboration, and awakens the entrepreneurial spirit. 


Experience purpose-driven programs and events that thrive on creativity, connection, community, youth building, and enhance the human experience. 


Innovate by using Design Thinking to re-space your purpose and reality. 
Don't fish, learn how to revolutionize the fishing industry. 


Impact the lives of Opportunity Youth and help reduce recidivism by providing opportunities for gainful employment and drive economic empowerment. 

We provide youth with funding, mentorship, leadership and entrepreneurship workshops, creative supplies, and opportunities for travel, education, training, and employment resources. 


Youth and Young adults who are interested in learning more, please get in touch. 

Please email us for program information or funding inquiries for youth funding opportunities.