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CREATIVHOUSE is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and social enterprise based in Washington, D.C. In the United States, more than 5 million young people between the ages of 16 and 24 are neither in school nor employed. 

CREATIVHOUSE aims to reduce youth recidivism and provide opportunities to youth and young adults with REAL services and resources to attain a greater quality of life and have an easier transition into adulthood through education, training, and access to funding to become entrepreneurs. 


Opportunity Youth &  young adults need REAL economic empowerment and opportunities to create an income, gain training, and find non-traditional forms of employment. By allowing them access to education and training in entrepreneurship, along with the funds to fuel their dreams - their potential is limitless. 

Typically, opportunity youth have less experience and fewer opportunities for economic advancements. The CREATIVYOUTH FUND provides micro-loans to opportunity youth after the completion of the (10) ten-week CREATIVYOUTH ENTREPRENEUR TRANING PROGRAM. 

The PROBLEM: There is over 5 Million Disconnected Youth in the United States. Currently, 16-24-year-old opportunity youth who are currently not enrolled in school, who do not have access to gainful employment, are more likely to come in contact with the law. They are also more likely to become a victim of the school to prison pipeline. The highest reported recidivism rate for juvenile offenders was 76% within 3 years, and 84% within 5 years. 

40% of juvenile offenders were incarcerated in an adult prison for reoffending by the time they were 25.

With the right education, training, and funding - opportunity youth have REAL choices. 

There are many challenges facing opportunity youth. Opportunities for employment and access to direct resources and services hinder the quality of life for over 5 million youth and young adults in America. Often, youth and young adults who are disconnected from school and work have higher rates of recidivism or contact with the law. Opportunity youth have higher unemployment rates than connected youth and adults who have more years of experience, economic advantages, and more years of experience. 

The Solution: Micro-lending for Opportunity Youth.

Creativhouse provides a semester system soft skill training program for opportunity youth who want to become entrepreneurs. The CREATIVYOUTH ENTREPRENEUR TRAINING PROGRAM creates a revolving fund to invest in opportunity youth and turn ideas into youth enterprises. Offering funds to youth-led businesses creates a self-employment opportunity for economic advancement and a greater quality of life. 

The CREATIVCRISIS HOTLINE connects opportunity youth to direct access to services and resources based on their specific needs. 

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